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A day escape from the busyness of Tokyo— one-day trip to Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture

It’s the middle of the semester when mid-terms just ended, and you kind of get tired of all the school stuff but still need to fight with the upcoming finals. Before all the final craziness begin, I decided to charge myself by going on a one-day trip to the peach city, Fuefuki.

Peggy at Monde Shuzo


Peggy Chen

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently studying international relations and public relations under the School of International Liberal Studies(SILS) in Waseda University. She enjoys watching YouTube videos and traveling in her freetime. One of her travel goal is to travel to all 47 prefectures in Japan. Favorite place in Japan is Enoshima. She believes that food is also an important part of a perfect trip.


Although located in Yamanashi prefecture,

Fuefuki city is only about 2 hours (or less) away from Tokyo by train. Hopped on the 8:02 JR train setting off from Shinjuku and my adventure began.

Train tickets to Fuefuki

First Stop: Peach picking and all-you-can-eat at Misaka Farm (御坂農園)

Entrance of Misaka Farm

Fuefuki has the number one peaches in Japan, and in Misaka Farm, you can experience peach picking and also eat as many peaches as you can with no time limit! Isn’t this amazing?

Fully ripen peach

To be honest, the peaches here are the best peaches I’ve ever had, they taste really sweet and juicy!

Tasting fresh peaches

FYI, they now have free-WiFi, so you can share your story immediately while eating the peaches!


Misaka farm (御坂農園)


Second stop: Lunch at Marusa Marche, DIY your own peach pizza

Already full from eating the peaches? Remember to save some space for lunch.

Marusa Marche Cooking Studio offers several hands-on courses. This time, we chose to make our own unique peach pizza for lunch.

Making own pizza

Staring from making the dough to decorating our own pizza, it’s actually really easy! And with the kind guidance of the staffs, I believe everyone can make the most unique pizza in the world.

Before baking...

Finished baking!

Wonder how a peach pizza tastes like? Why not come to Marusa Marche Cooking Studio to experience this by yourself?


Marusa Marche Cooking Studio(マルサマルシェ クッキングスタジオ)


Third stop: Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory tour (桔梗信玄餅工場)

In Japan, almost every prefecture has its own representative “omiyage”. Speaking of Yamanashi, the well-known Shingen Mochi will automatically pop up in most Japanese people’s mind.

Inside the factory

Visiting Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory, you not only can try the “oishii” Shingen Mochi but to actually see the making of the delicious Shingen Mochi.

Shingen Bo (Stick covered with Kinako powder)

Shingen Softcream


Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory (桔梗信玄餅工場)


Last stop: Monde Shuzo Winery tour and free wine tasting

Fuefuki, Yamanashi is basically the heaven of fruits. Besides the juicy and tasty peaches, the city is also famous for their delicious grapes. And of course, where there are grapes there is a winery.

Music playing over wine barrels

By visiting the production line of Monde Shuzo Winery, we also found out something interesting! They play classical music for the wine! Want to know why? Then please come to visit the Monde Shuzo Winery to find out the answer!

In fact, Monde Shuzo is one of the pioneers that developed tasty canned wine that are sold in most convenient store. So, when you visit a convenient store next time, please don’t forget to grab one!

There is also a wine tasting corner next to the winery, where you can try all kinds of wine produced by Monde Shuzo. Looking forward knowing what’s your favorite one!


Monde Shuzo Co., Ltd. (モンデ酒造株式会社)


Tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, Tokyo? Then why not hop on the train that heads to Fuefuki?

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