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A must-see in the Yamanashi prefecture

Regardless of occupation, be it a city worker, international student or traveler, everybody needs a break from the fast-moving Tokyo. Fuefuki city and the attractions within offer a relaxing break, a chance to experience Japanese culture and dine on delicious food & drink.

In a pleasant 1 hour and a 30 minutes journey from Tokyo, you can escape the city and be surrounded by mountains and greenery in the tranquil area of Isawa.

Will at Misaka Farm


Will Huckle

Born in London, England. Currently studying Economics and undergoing a year abroad exchange in Tokyo at Waseda University. He enjoys travelling, learning languages and studying nutrition.


Our first stop

Was fruit picking, here we were able to hand pick luscious peaches which we were free to eat or take home for later. Cherries are available to hand pick during the months of June & July, Peaches are available late June to August, whilst Grapes are available for hand-picking from August–until late October.

These succulent fruits are very inviting and you can see why this area is famous for it’s produce once you take a bite of what nature offers you here. The specific farm that we visited, Misaka Farm, offered ‘all you can eat’ for peaches which was a pleasing surprise.

Freshly picked peaches

Peaches growing on trees

Our second stop

Was Marusa Marche, where you can construct your own pizza. This was a flavoursome experience which anyone can undertake with a rewarding result. Apart from Pizza, Marusa Marche offers a range of dishes which you can build yourself in minimal time for maximum taste. An efficient way to satisfy your hunger!

Original pizza that I made

Following this meal,

It was time to stop for desert at Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Factory, this site offers a tour whereby you taste as well as the see the creation process of the distinguished Shingen Mochi, which is famous in the Yamanshi prefecture. A quick stop in the gift shop here and you can purchase Mochi as well as unique merchandise for family and friends!

Matcha icecream with mochi

Whilst exploring the more rural area of Isawa by car,

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the ‘Maglev’ train that is being tested for introduction in 2028, with top speeds of 600km/h (373mph). Visitors can see a snapshot of future travel if they are lucky! This is a reminder of why Japan is at the forefront of technology and engineering.

Looking down Maglev train railway

Our final stop

Was the Monde Shuzo Winery. In this winery, music is played to the wine in order to improve the maturing process and produce a crisp tasting beverage. Wine tasting is also available for free here, on top of this, you can also purchase meat and dried fruits from the local area!

Inside the winery

Outside signage of the winery

If you decide to visit this area during 20th July to 19th August,

You can witness a traditional Japanese fishing method, which uses a cormorant on the Fuefuki river.

Regular firework displays are also offered. These great evenings offer an energetic cultural experience. Furthermore, this region has a number of Ryokans which offer Onsens (Hot springs) another great attraction of this area!

Isawa-onsen in Fuefuki is a great region to visit for a number of reasons, sitting under 2 hours from Tokyo and 30 minutes from Mt. Fuji, it offers great attractions to all kinds of visitors.

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