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The Peach City YouTube channel Vol.5-2 a hoto making experience at“Odoru♪Hoto Gakko”

Continuing from the last article...

After making noodles, we began cooking hoto.

She was looking forward to what to do next.

Visitor : Christine

Country : USA

The principal first told her about the ingredients and the order to put them in hoto.

She learned that the ingredients in the pot change depending on the season, but the most common ingredients in hoto is pumpkin.

Next, she puts the cut vegetables into the prepared pot.

The important thing is to put vegetables that are hard to cook first and boil them.

When the vegetables were all cooked, she added the noodles and let them simmer together for a while.

After that, added miso while checking the taste of the soup.

During the time that the vegetables and noodles were simmering, the vice principal read ‟Kamishibai” on the origin of hoto.

Once she fully learned about hoto, all she had to do was wait for it to be ready.

*Kamishibai … story telling using picture cards.

When the vegetables and the noodles were all well cooked and the flavors were ready, the homemade hoto was finally ready to serve.

It looks perfect! But what about the taste?

Please watch the YouTube video to see how it tastes.

This is a certificate for completing the course of making hoto, a student handbook of the school, and a recipe for making hoto.

After the experience, these are given to everyone who participated in the experience.

I really want to eat hoto!

If that happened, you could make and eat your own hoto whenever you wanted with this recipe!

At the end of the day, they started dancing to the music!

We are so happy to see that Christine got the unique experience of not only the homemade hoto but also dancing to music with a smile while stepping on the dough.

Here is an article about ‟Odoru♪Hoto Gakko”

Learn how to make “hoto” while dancing? New hands-on noodle making classes at “Odoru♪Hoto Gakko”

See you next time!


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