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The Peach City YouTube Channel Vol.2

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The Peach City YouTube Channel Vol.2 will be posted on YouTube soon.

Before that, we would like to introduce the location and what you can do here.

Location : Marusa Marche Cooking Studio

Address : 238 Sueki Ichimiya-cho Fuefuki Yamanashi

Tel : (+81)-553-47-4447

Visitor:Kenya Morgan

Country : New Jersey, USA

There is a grape farm near the Marusa Marche Cooking Studio.

Visitor can enjoy grape picking activity and freshly picked grapes.

Shine Muscat is the king of grapes.

This is Queenseven from Fuefuki City.

It is a seedless grape that is crossed by Shine Muscat and Manicurefinger.

At the shop, you can make your own parfait with the grapes you picked yourself and choose from a variety of sauces or toppings.

The most fun part is being able to decorate it yourself.


It looks delicious!

Here is an article about Marusa Marche.

Hands-on experience will stay in your memory. For spreading the power of food to a wider community

See you next time.


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