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The Peach City YouTube channel Vol.3-2“Kai no Kuni Ichinomiya Asama Jinja”

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Continuing from last article...

We visited Kai no Kuni ichinomiya Asama Jinja after Daizoukyouji Temple.

Location : Kai no Kuni Ichinomiya Asama Jinja

Address : 1684 Ichinomiya Ichinomiyacho Fuefuki Yamanashi

Tel : (+81) - 553 - 47 - 0900

Visitor : Vivian

Country : Florida, USA

​Before worshipping, please wash your hands and mouth here.

You can have an interesting fortune called Mizumikuji here.

When you put it in water, your fortune will come up.

​You have not seen such a unique fortune, haven't you?

​This is the worship hall.

The way to worship in Japan is quite unique.

Do you know how to do it?

This is an instruction how to pray.

  1. A light bow once

  2. A deep bow twice

  3. Clap your hands twice and pray

  4. Another a deep bow

  5. Another a light bow

Let's pray for God to make your wishes come true.

When you go around the back of the shrine, you will find stone statues of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.

​If you stroke the stone statue of your Chinese zodiac, good things may happen.

This is a Gosyuin you can get at Asama Jinja.

She looks happy to have a new one.

Each shrine and temple has its own unique Gosyuin, and some of them are so colorful and look like art.

So please don't forget to check out them when you visit shrines and temples.

Here is an article about Kai no Kuni Ichinomiya Asama Jinja.

Asama Jinjas role in today's world Adapt to the cultural changes while keeping their original stance

See you next time!


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