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Hotel Kimiyoshi

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Đặc trưng

Looking up at Mt. Fuji in front of you, the view of the surrounding distant mountains such as the Southern Alps is beautiful throughout the four seasons.

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Hotel Kimiyoshi

The triangular roof is designed to wrap the customer's feeling of "Welcome back".

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Suối nóng

It is a space where you can enjoy the blessings of Ishiwa to your heart's content.

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The calm Japanese-style rooms on the 3rd to 5th floors have kotatsu, and the 6th floor is a room with an open-air bath .

Thông tin

Loại phòng

Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, Rooms with outdoor bath

Dung tích

mọi người


Bồn tắm

Main bath, open-air bath (hot spring)

Cơ sở

Banquet hall, meeting room, snack bar / lounge, shop

Địa chỉ

1607-28 Kawanakajima, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki city, Yamanashi 406-0024

Điện thoại

+81 55-262-3757

Bản đồ

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