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Hotel Ukai

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Đặc trưng

Our motto is to cherish "once in a lifetime encounters" and to offer truly delicious food to our customers. We hope that the circle will continue to grow as we cherish the connections you have made by accessing the "Hotel Kai-Kai" page.

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Hotel Ukai

There is a two-story building on the east side of the Kaiwai Bridge and a one-story detached house across the courtyard. The appearance evokes the image of a new resort-style ryokan.

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Suối nóng

The baths are heated by spring water rising 130 meters underground and are available 24 hours a day.

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It is built in a detached style facing a courtyard, and when the windows are open, cool breezes flow through even in summer.

Thông tin

Loại phòng

Japanese-style room

Dung tích

mọi người


Bồn tắm

Large public bath, open-air bath (hot spring)

Cơ sở

Banquet halls, meeting rooms, coffee shop, store

Địa chỉ

307 Ichibe, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi 406-0031

Điện thoại

Bản đồ

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