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Đặc trưng

We, Furukawaen, have been running a grape and wine farm in Karakashiwa for a long time. Grapes, which are representative of Koshu, the home of fruits, have been loved by people since ancient times, and have delighted the eyes and palates of travelers visiting this region with their vivid colors and aromas, and rich flavors nurtured by the earth.

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The thoughts that I kept close to my heart in those days.
The time of dreams, which I sometimes look at when I gently take it out on a solitary afternoon.
A quiet and infinitely gentle place for the soul. Let's take a trip to Ishiwa Kohakuen.

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Suối nóng

Located almost in the center of the Kofu Basin in the land of fruits, Ishiwa is a beautiful hot spring town surrounded by the Daibosatsu Mountain Range, the Southern Alps, and Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy hot springs of alkaline simple spring water that gushed out from the vineyards in 1961.

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Spacious Japanese-style room with sunlight streaming in from the courtyard.

Thông tin

Loại phòng

Japanese-style room Western-style room

Dung tích

mọi người


Bồn tắm

Large public bath, open-air bath, sauna (hot spring)

Cơ sở

Banquet halls, conference rooms, snack bar/lounge, coffee shop, store, 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Địa chỉ

822 Ichibe, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi 406-0031

Điện thoại

+81 55-262-5890

Bản đồ

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