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Đặc trưng

Hotel KAKYO is located in a quiet and peaceful setting on the banks of the Fuefuki River.

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Hotel KAKYO offers you "hospitality with a mother's heart" in the relaxing atmosphere of Isawa, the village of hot springs, and provides you with a memorable travel experience with its emotional Japanese style and attentive hospitality.

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Suối nóng

The hotel is proud of its large bath, which is made of 2,000-year-old ancient Japanese cypress. The softness of the wooden skin and the fragrance of the cypress wood will give you a sense of relaxation and openness that will numb your senses.

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All rooms are Japanese style. We will prepare rooms according to the number of guests.

Thông tin

Loại phòng

Japanese-style room

Dung tích

mọi người


Bồn tắm

Large public bath, open-air bath, sauna (hot spring)

Cơ sở

Banquet halls, conference rooms, snack bar/lounge, coffee shop, evening snack bar, concession stand, game corner

Địa chỉ

116 Kawanakajima, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi 406-0024

Điện thoại

+81 55-263-4455

Bản đồ

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