Autumn in The Peach City is fresher and juicier than any others.

Until the maple leaves change colors, peaches and grapes are the center of attention. You feel the flow of time as you hear people in this city start to talk about this year's autumn coloring of leaves and autumn festivals.

Grapes Expo 

Late Aug.

How about the best grapes in Japan? This year "Grape EXPO" season has come! We will hold various events continuously on the theme of "grape". Eat grapes, drink wine, go sightseeing, go into a hot spring and enjoy a wonderful time!

Restaurants and Facilities at Fuefuki City

Trail Run

Late Nov.

Let's enjoy the late autumn trail run while watching Mt. Fuji! Let's heal your mind and body in the after-race at the hot spring! Also look forward to Welcome party the day before "Wine evening" .

Fuefuki City Kasugai Sports Square

Eve of Kawanakajima Battle Festival

Late Oct.

We will host shooting booths for children wearing armor, a stage by people who wear armor, and an auction to Kawanakajima battle participation right. Also there will be restaurant booth opening.

Isawa Gensen Ashiyu Hiroba

Kawanakajima Battle Festival 

Early Nov.

Annual every year! As a main event of Fuefuki city's autumn festival, we will hold "Kawanakajima Battlefield Sengoku Picture Scroll" which reproduced battle of Warring States Period. You might want to look at what's going on! It's a very popular event and for free viewing. Come and join us!

Fuefuki City Hall Headquaters building in front of Fuefuki Riverside

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