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Autumn in The Peach City is fresher and juicier than any others.

Until the maple leaves change colors, peaches and grapes are the center of attention. You feel the flow of time as you hear people in this city start to talk about this year's autumn coloring of leaves and autumn festivals.

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The Misaka Grape Festival


From August 1 to September 30, "Misaka Grape Festival" is being held in Fuefuki-shi, Misaka-cho.

Entry tickets for winning gorgeous specialties will be distributed to those who purchase fruits, wines, etc. at each fruit orchard during the period.
In addition, the "Misaka Grand Lottery" will be held on September 16 at the Misaka Togenkyo Park.

We can not wait to see what kind of things we get...

Misaka Togenkyo Park. 


Daizo-kyoji Temple Night Tour


It is said that Daizo-kyoji Temple was founded in 722 of the Nara Period (722) by Gyoki Bodhisattva, a founder of the Hosso sect of Buddhism.
Every year in September, a dance performance is held in Isawa Onsen to promote tourism and to preserve and pass on traditional Japanese culture. The dance performance will be performed by geiko who practice daily for the purpose of preserving and passing on traditional Japanese culture and promoting tourism in the Isawa Hot Springs.



Kawanakajima Battle Festival 

Early Nov.

Annual every year! As a main event of Fuefuki city's autumn festival, we will hold "Kawanakajima Battlefield Sengoku Picture Scroll" which reproduced battle of Warring States Period. You might want to look at what's going on! It's a very popular event and for free viewing. Come and join us!

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Fuefuki City Hall Headquaters building in front of Fuefuki Riverside

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