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How about relaxing in a hot spring?

You can sense people's wishes, prayers and bonds in New Year's holiday season. Winter in The Peach City is the season that allows you to see the natural state of the city. After enjoying the events, how about relaxing in a hot spring?

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Christmas Fireworks in Fuefuki

The and of December

A large fireworks will be shot into the Christmas night sky. Enjoy the romantic fireworks at Christmas!

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Fuefukigawa Riverbed


Illumination in Isawaonsen

Late Dedember~Feb.

The cherry trees along the Sakura Onsen Street in Isawa Onsen (hot spring) are crowded in spring as a perfect cherry blossom viewing spot. As a new popular winter spot, the south and north sides along the Chikatsu River The illumination will illuminate a 3 km round trip area along the Chikatsu River. The illumination is as gorgeous and extraordinary as cherry blossoms in full bloom. Visitors can enjoy a stroll by the hot spring resort filled with lights.

Isawa Onsen Sakura Onsen Street

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