How about relaxing in a hot spring?

You can sense people's wishes, prayers and bonds in New Year's holiday season. Winter in The Peach City is the season that allows you to see the natural state of the city. After enjoying the events, how about relaxing in a hot spring?

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Photo Roagaining 

Late Jan.

We are happy to annouce that "The 4th Photo Roagaining with enjoying Onsen & Wines" will be held this year thanks to favorable comments from last year! Those who have participated this event in the past, or who is interesting to join, or who doesn't even know what is "Photo Roagaining", Fuefuki city welcomes everyone of you! ​

Isawa Onsen Footbath Park


Isawa Onsen Winter Fireworks

Early Feb. ~ Late Feb.

Isawa Onsen Winter Fireworks - Dance of Fuefuki River - will be held in 2020. We also offer Oshiruko and Amazake during the period, so please some and visit us.(The number of food is limited.)


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Fuefukigawa Riverbed

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Christmas Fireworks in Fuefuki

The and of December

A large fireworks will be shot into the Christmas night sky. Enjoy the romantic fireworks at Christmas!

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Fuefukigawa Riverbed