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How to enjoy the outstanding view from FUJIYAMA Twin Terrace


It's like a painting!
First Terrace with such mesmerizing view.

It is convenient to use the shuttle bus to the FUJIYAMA Twin Terrace because the entry of general vehicles (private cars) is restricted. If you walk down the slope for about 5 minutes from the shuttle bus stop "FUJIYAMA Twin Terrace", you will first see the second terrace. About 80 meters further from there is the first Terrace of the "FUJIYAMA Twin Terrace". Enjoy the best mountain panoramic view in Japan such as Mt. Fuji, which is a world cultural heritage. The cityscape of Fujikawaguchiko Town spreading out at the base, Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanaka. There are benches and tables, so please sit down and relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery. A smartphone stand for selfies and the benches are also available so that you can take Insta-worthy pictures with Mt. Fuji in the background. If you want to see Mt. Fuji, we recommend you to go early in the morning when there is relatively little cloud. There is a high probability that you will be able to see it clearly, so be sure to visit during the morning hours. If Mt. Fuji is hidden behind the clouds, it might be interesting to take a picture with Mt. Fuji pose like this! There are rumors that only one heart-shaped stone is hidden in the stone wall on the first terrace !? Please enjoy "Hidden Heart Search"!

Get healed by the gentle greenery of "Second Terrace".

The first thing you see at "FUJIYAMA Twin Terrace" is the view from the second terrace. The spectacular view after climbing a slightly steep slope is like a reward! There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the beautiful scenery!
From the second terrace which is surrounded by trees, you can enjoy a gentle impression of the landscape.


Not just FUJIYAMA Twin Terrace!

Recommended sightseeing spots in Fuefuki
Experience for the Instagrammer!

Recommended sightseeing routes in Fuefuki City

Kawazashiki Suzuran

川座敷 すずらん

"Kawazashiki Suzuran" is a restaurant where you can enjoy handmade soba and handmade hoto (reservation required) while looking at the clear stream of the Ashi River. It is a spot where you can feel the coolness of the murmuring of the river.
The tempura that I had with the soba was made with plenty of freshly picked home grown vegetables, and I could feel the original sweetness of the vegetables. Kawazashiki Suzuran grows about 40 kinds of vegetables in-house! You can enjoy the blessings of mountain villages throughout the four seasons, including wild plants in spring, summer vegetables in summer, and mushrooms in autumn.
You can enjoy BBQ and camping on the riverside in the summer, so please go out with your family and friends!

1808 Kamiashigawa, Ashigawa Town, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture



A thatched-roof house built in the middle of the Edo period about 300 years ago has been revived as a "Fujiwaratei" by the recent project to promote the restoration of old folk houses. It is a valuable spot that conveys the lives of the people of Yamanashi at that time, such as the dirt floor, the hearth, and the storage room in the tatami room.
It's a real old folk house that I see for the first time, but it's strange that sitting on the porch makes me feel nostalgic! We also heard interesting stories such as the dialect of Yamanashi from the elderly people who manage it. Why don't you go back in time to the Edo period by getting a glimpse of Yamanashi's country life surrounded by mountains.

259 Kamiashigawa, Ashigawa Town, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Maruiwa Vineyard / Maruiwa Café