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Hanami spots in Fuefuki

It's spring time in Japan!

This article introduces the best spots for cherry blossom viewing“Hanami”in Fuefuki.

The best season for Togenkyo is from late March to early April.

Hanami spots

(1607 Kawanakajima, Isawacho, Fuefuki)

(2223-1 Yatsushirocho Oka, Fuefuki)

(Around Senbeiji, Ichinomiyacho, Fuefuki)

(1162-1 Kokubu, Ichinomiyacho, Fuefuki)

(597-1 Okubo, Sakaigawacho, Fuefuki)

The season for Mizubasho is from mid March to early April.

(5051 Takei,Yatsushirocho, Fuefuki )

(5421 Kamikurokoma, Fuefuki)

(Kamiashigawa, Ashigawacho, Fuefuki)

 The season for Lily is from mid May to early June.

Places to visit in Fuefuki

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・Farm Stand


・Day Trip Onsen

・Newly Produced Dish Ra-Ho


Recommended restaurants and cafes in Fuefuki


Address : 13-8 Isawacho-ekimae, Fuefuki

Tel : (+81)-55‐262‐0147


Address : 3340 Takei, Misakacho, Fuefuki

Tel : (+81)-55‐236‐8965

3.Kerun Coffee Ichinomiya

Address : 433-1 Shioda, Ichinomiyacho, Fuefuki

Tel : (+81)-553‐47‐0316

4.Edoya Shoten

Address : 272-1 Yatsushirocho Narabara, Fuefuki

Tel : (+81)-55‐265‐3600


Address : 1880-2 Kogurosaka, Sakaigawacho, Fuefuki

Tel : (+81)-55‐266‐3863

6.Shinjuku Koshuya Soba

Address : 180-3 Betsuden, Kasugaicho, Fuefuki

Tel : (+81)-553‐26‐5331


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