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The Peach City YouTube channel Vol.5-1 a hoto making experience at“Odoru♪Hoto Gakko”

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

We were looking forward to the announcement that we'll introduce the fifth YouTube video taken in December.

Do you know “Hoto”??

“Hoto” is a local specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture with thick hearty noodles cooked with seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin, mushrooms, potatoes, green leeks etc...

This time we visited “Odoru♪ Hoto Gakko” and experienced making Hoto.

By the way, what does ’Dance♪’ mean? Does that mean the noodles dance or do people from the shop dance or do we dance?

You may wonder like that...

We let you know about the experience.

Visitor : Christine

Country : USA

This was Christine's first time making Hoto!

She was very excited about the experience that was about to start.

Store:     Odoru♪Hoto Gakko

Address:   272-1 Yatsushirocho Narabara, Fuefuki city

Tel:      (+81)-55‐265‐3600

Opening hours: 9:00~18:00

Closed:     Wednesday

This is ‟Odoru ♪ Hoto Gakko "where you can learn how to make authentic Hoto.

Let's start making Hoto!

Firstly, she was given a ball of dough for the noodles and start from making noodles.

The principal of the school explained to her that

“For the process of kneading the dough, we step on the dough instead of using our hands. That way noodles become chewier and anyone can make delicious noodles.

In that process, we step on the dough dancing to music with everyone.”

Then the music was turned on immediately and the unique dance started.

She was told to move her whole body

and dance rhythmically.

Just like this at her steps.

In order to knead the dough well, don't forget the steps.

After kneading the dough while dancing 2 times continuously, next process, she stretched it to a flat thickness.

It was unexpectedly difficult to stretch it to a uniform thickness.

Once the dough was thinly stretched and folded, cut into appropriate sizes.

In fact, there was a skill when cutting it, and the principal told her, ‟If you cut the dough while holding it down from the top, the dashi and miso flavors will soak in well and become very delicious.”

The dough cut as instructed by the principal looks like this.

With this, the noodle making process is complete.

After this , they prepared a pot and boil Hoto, but that will be next time.

See you soon!


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