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The Peach City YouTube channel Vol.4-1 Winery Tour at ‟Lumiere”

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The fourth shooting of The Peach City YouTube channel took place in November!

Fuefuki City is known as the largest producer of grapes, but did you know that the wine made from the grapes is attracting the attention of people all over the world?

There are wineries that brew the wine in Katsunuma region, Enzan region and Yamanashi City, and here in Fuefuki City there are some wineries as well.

This time, we visited one of them and took a tour of the winery and tasted some wine.

Visitor : Delali Amoah

Country : USA

Before that, we did some research to find out what kind of wine is available in Fuefuki City.

Location : Isawa Onsen Station Tourist Information Center

Address : 177-1 Matsumoto Isawacho Fuefuki Yamanashi

Tel : (+81)-55-231-5500

Therefore, we visited Isawa Onsen Station Tourist Information Center on the 1st floor of Isawa Onsen Station.

Let's go into the Information Center!

As you can see, on the left is the wine server.

On the right are bottles of wine from the wineries in Fuefuki City, some of which can be tasted.

There are a variety of wines from sweet to dry!

It's so hard to choose because many flavors are available.

This is “How to use wine server”

The instructions are written in English, so it's easy to understand how to use it.

The price of the tasting is very reasonable from 100 yen to 300 yen.

Then, let's use the wine server right away.

First, select the tasting wine and quantity you want to taste, press the button and wait until the wine is completely extracted.

She chose ‟Delaware2020”.

Check out the video to see how it tasted!

Don't forget that the friendly staff is always here.

If you can't decide where to visit in Fuefuki city, please ask them!

You'll be able to get more detailed information about Fuefuki City that only they know.

Next, we'll introduce you to the Winery Tour at the winery ‟LUMIERE” in Fuefuki City.

See you soon!


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