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Yamanashi Green Zone Concept(basic concept)and The list of facilities with certification in Fuefuki

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Yamanashi Prefecture (Yamanashi Governor: Nagasaki Kotaro) has announced the direction of the Yamanashi Green Zone Concept (May 19, 2020), which aims to transform the prefecture into a society that will be able to continue moving forward in the event of the second or third wave of new coronavirus infections, or in the future when it is forced to deal with unknown infectious diseases, while balancing the lives of the people of the prefecture with the economy (the "Superinfectious Disease Society").

Based on the experience in infection control and the medical system development that we have built up over the years in cooperation with the citizens of Yamanashi Prefecture, we will work to create a society and economy that is resistant to infectious diseases.

To achieve this goal, we will strongly support the creation of a business environment that is resistant to infectious diseases and establish a "certification system" to gain the confidence and peace of mind of users, based on the theme of "providing security and trust throughout Yamanashi".

In this way, we aim to ensure that the whole of Yamanashi achieves the value of

"confidence and trust" from consumers both within and outside of the prefecture, and this will lead to the revival of the prefecture's economy.

Source:Yamanashi Prefecture official HP

This is the list of facilities with Yamanashi Green Zone certification in Fuefuki City.

・Restaurant 155 facilities

Download PDF • 162KB

・Accommodation 61 facilities

Download PDF • 103KB

・Winery 10 facilities

Download PDF • 43KB


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